Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 kicks off!

And a Happy New Year to all wefcpug members and casual readers to the blog. The first wefcpug of 2008 happens next Monday, that's Jan 14th, and I'm hazarding a guess that we're back at the Beeb in Bristol (yet TBC).

If perchance you are the other side of the Atlantic, at the MacExpo in San Francisco (admittedly the second choice of events to attend next week), then do look out for the FCPUG 'Supermeet' which is organised by our sister User Group in San Francisco, led by the estimable Claudia Craske.

In Claudia's own words
We plan to have ONE HECKOFA FCPUG PARTY, and please be there with us in spirit even if life prevents you from being there in person. Please make sure your
members know we are in a new location.

You are invited to the FCPUG Network Supermeet Jan 16:

only $10 in advance, any remaining tickets will be $15 at the door - seating
is limited, so please buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Over $40,000 in hardware, software and training being given away - all in
one night!