Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Readers' Lives

I've just been looking at the latest stats for this blog and the podcast, and there are a couple of factoids I had to share. Greetings to our readership in Spain, Dubai, the Czech republic, S Africa and all our US fanbase in LA and Delaware.

Especial greetings to the London reader who came to the wefcpug blog by means of a Google search for 'Bristol Spanking Bottoms'. I confess myself equally puzzled by both the nature of the search question, and the fact that it apparently led to this blog. Must have a look at previous postings again.

(And, to forestall all you smart alecs, yes I realise that by including the term 'Bristol Spanking Bottoms' - twice now - in a post I have further increased our page ranking on this very search, and probably got us banned by several profanity screening engines.)