Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bonjour tout le monde.

Your humble blogcapitain is back from his tour of Gaul, where we took the waters in Vichy, amidst an 'intensif' course at the language school. There may even be pictures to come.

A case of 'sans moi, le déluge' - actually I was back in time to enjoy the last of the rains, and comms work in connection with the Glos. events has kept me away from the wefcblog until today. (The Tour de France is also to blame, partially).

But whilst I was away

there seems to have been an outbreak of confessions in the media. I'm particularly taken by the confession of a digital radio production team who took to impersonating the audience for a phone-in competition that didn't exist. Come on folks, I know digital radio audiences are small, but they're surely not THAT small!

So are we now all obliged to keep edits strictly in time-of-recording order, and am I too late for the BBC amnesty? On second thoughts, some skeletons had best stay buried.

The usual drip feed of rumours, technical info, scandal, comments and daft ideas will now resume to keep you going through August...

...with the first honour going to Apple for today's Software Update of Pro Apps - which makes about the 4th or 5th update since I came back online. Somewhere in this slew of new binaries they have mended (fingers crossed - doigts crois
és) the one that upset my MBPro so much last year. The finger of suspicion is currently pointing at Quicktime. Any other experiences, good or bad?