Thursday, June 14, 2007

Podcasts - service announcement

If anyone's been having problems syncing the last two 'Out of Visions' to their iPod, with luck the problem has been solved - I changed the format to AAC but good old QuickTime Pro was marking the files as .mp4 with an internal identifier as a Video file. And recent versions of iTunes helpfully see this and - not so helpfully - won't sync a Video file to what they see as a non-Video iPod (iPod nano, etc).

I've changed the files to genuine audio only (.m4a) versions which should sail through. If you've been listening on your macs, the problem won't have been visible, I mean audible.

You -may- have force a resync in iTunes by deleting the previous download - but I'm sure you'll find it worth the effort.

Thanks to Quentin for pointing me to this - please email me if there are further glitches. I'll go back to mp3 if necessary!