Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May's meeting links and report

The attraction of a night in rainy downtown Bristol (or maybe it was the fabulous prizes of our free raffle) was too strong to resist, with visitors from far and wide last night, including our special guest, Martin Baker of Digital Heaven.

Yours truly was the warm-up act, with a brief discursion into how to handle 16:9 and 4:3 clips together in FCP (literally a warm-up act, as the MBP decided to go into a temporary overheat-inspired shutdown). Notes on this another day. But at least we all got to share the joy of trashing FCP prefs and recovering a project file. Revision Questions may well be set.

Martin began with his take on events - primarily Apple inspired events - at the NAB in Las Vegas. He was particularly impressed by the pricing of Color (sic) and, like most in the room, is looking forward to the joys of 3d work in Motion 3. We'll be reviewing the package just as soon as we get it!

With a brief pause for the first raffles of the night - copies of the Walter Murch book 'Behind the Seen' and the new Quickbook guide to Quicktime Pro (just published by Peachpit Press) - Martin came back for more, with a demo of the filters, transitions and other apps his company now produces. Winner on the clapometer seemed to be the 'RetroTV' effect, with 'WhipPan' a close second, and a judges' special mention for the sound effects bundled with (especially the 'Dream' transition). Full details, and downloads available, on Martin's website

One lucky wefcpug member won a voucher for software to the value of $100 (or was it $200?) from digital-heaven but wait, that's not all. There's ANOTHER voucher to be raffled next month (and we sure do have a special meeting planned then) and we can ALL download freebies from Martin's site.

If you missed the meet, there'll be a contribution from Martin on the next 'Out of Vision' podcast - see the next posting for details of this and forthcoming online offerings.